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Tea: Buttered Rum
Manufacturer: DavidsTEA
Type: Black
Key Flavors: Coconut, vanilla beans, butterscotch flavoring
Find it Online: http://www.davidstea.com

When I was younger, my parents used to buy these “books” of assorted Lifesavers to put in my stocking. My favorite flavor ( of which there was only ever one roll in the book ) was Butter Rum. To this day, that has remained a favorite flavor of mine.

Fast forward to my 2015 re-introduction to DavidsTEA teas. It didn’t take me long to discover a Buttered Rum black tea and, inspired by my love of that one Lifesaver flavor, add it to my shopping cart.

I absolutely love black tea. Discovering one that was flavored with butterscotch, coconut, and vanilla was like winning the jackpot. The tea doesn’t quite live up to my Lifesaver-inspired expectation, but that’s understandable given the difference between candy and tea.

It is nevertheless delicious and ranks among my favorite teas. I have a tin of it both at home and at work.If you find yourself at a DavidsTEA location or fancy ordering some online, I definitely recommend it.