This is a blog all about food, teas, and many things in between. I’m a lover of all sorts of tasty and largely healthy things and wanted a space in which I could freely talk about those that!

A major focus of this blog will be healthy recipe recommendations and good nutrition. In May of 2015, I enacted a lifestyle change that led me to become the healthiest I’ve ever been, and this change has become a deep passion. That’s not to say everything here will be health oriented ( I still like my rare indulgences, after all ), but a majority will be.

Content will include a mix of the following:

  • Recipe Reviews
  • Tea Reviews
  • Linked/Written Recipes
  • Cooking Implement Commentary and/or Reviews
  • Food-Related Shopping Recommendations
  • Commentary/Recommendations for Healthy Eating
  • …and more!

Note: I will not post any recipes that come from a copyrighted source, unless that source provides their own online copies that I may freely and legally share. So if you’re looking for scans from recipe books, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to oblige.

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